Off road electric hunting bikes are equipped with motor engines which run on electricity and need to be sufficiently charged before leaving for a hunt.


QUICK SUMMARY: How to choose the best off-Road electric hunting bike

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Evolution is the thumb rule of nature. Who knows this better than a hunter? Throughout the ages, animals have evolved to make a poacher’s life difficult via special senses. The up-rise of electric hunting bikes brings the ball back into our court. With some serious stealth and no sweat, hunters can get close to their game without startling them, courtesy of silent off-road electric hunting bikes. Compared to gas engines, these electrical motors are very quiet and better for the environment. Most states including California and Colorado allow electric cycles less than 750Watts without a driver’s license inside National parks. No wonder they have become an instant hit over dirt bikes and gas motor vehicles. In addition, you no longer need to carry 50lbs of gear on your back, as modern electric hunting bikes come equipped with a load bearer, making your experience pleasant and stress free.

Contrast between off-road electric hunting bikes and other bikes.

Alternatives to the fat tire electric bike are mainly the ATVs (All-Terrain Vehicle) and other hunting vehicles like the dirt bike. But if you have ever been on a hunt with an ATV, you would have probably left your vehicle long before you enter the hunt zone. The loud sound coming from an ATV alerts the cautious prey. In addition, while walking in your hunting area you are leaving a scent which can be picked up by your prey causing them to leave the spot. All this hassle can be eliminated by off road e-bikes. You can silently reach your hunting spot and since the wheel is only touching the ground, there is no scent left to alert the prey.

Off road electric hunting bikes are equipped with motor engines which run on electricity and need to be sufficiently charged before leaving for a hunt. ATVs on the other hand use a piston-based model using fuel like diesel or petroleum making them much louder and unfit for hunting purposes. If you consider the fact that electricity is cheaper than fuel, then, electric off-road bikes are like a onetime investment. ATVs offering a good mileage (miles per gallon) are very rare and expensive and thus have become highly unpopular for hunting.

Electric hunting bikes come with 4” to 4.8” fat tires. The increased width of the tires spreads the weight on the ground to decrease your effort, giving you a more enjoyable experience. Attaching a load bearing will enable you to carry your prize right from the spot to your home. There is a misconception among masses that off-road E-bikes cannot perform well in all terrains like the ATVs. But in reality, whether it is sand, snow, rock or gravel the fat tire electronic hunting bikes like the RadRover and Rampage have excelled everywhere.

Types of e-bike motors and their role in hunting.

The 2 basic types of motors are Rear hub and Mid drive.

Rear Hub Motor

These come equipped on the rear wheel and directly produce raw power rotating the wheel giving the rider a motorcycle like experience. It has a very simple mechanism and can be repaired easily at most garage shops and has low maintenance. In addition, its service cost is extremely budget friendly. If your sweet spot is moderate terrain with few hills, not steeper than 20 degrees, then a Rear hub motor is a no brainer. You might experience slight disturbance when you need to change your rear wheel or if you decide to test it on a rough terrain. 

Mid drive Motor

This motor is present between the pedals and causes the chain to rotate making the experience a lot smoother for the hunter with even weight distribution. Mid drive motors also come with many sophisticated attachments like magnetic speed detectors and intelligent gear changing by reducing the power for a smoother shift in gears. Electric hunting bikes with Mid drive motors are a bit costly but for the right reasons. If you regularly need to pass rough terrains with a lot of hills or your catch is pretty heavy, then you infuy need a Mid drive motor.

Ultra Mid drive Motor

The upgrade of regular mid drive motor made by Bafang (G620) have taken the market by storm. Along with cadence and speed sensors, the Ultra Mid drive motor provides torque sensors as well. All the best quality off-road hunting bikes come with an Ultra Mid drive motor as they can work efficiently in extremely challenging terrains varying from sand to snow. If you have a year-round hunting program in extremes of weather this motor is highly recommended for you.

Range offered by Battery of off-road electric hunting bikes

The range or the distance which can be covered when a battery is fully charged is a crucial factor while choosing your off-road E-bike. For the sake of marketing, many companies falsely promote the range offered by their products. But worry no more, with us you will learn how to estimate the range just by reading the battery stats.

You need to look for the Volts (V) and Ampere hours (Ah) of the given battery and multiply them to get a new quantity called the Watt hours (Wh). An average electric hunting bike will consume 20Watt hours per mile.

For example,

Bike 1 has 24 Volts and 20 Ah battery = 480 Wh.

Bike 2 has 24 Volts and 6 Ah battery = 144 Wh

Hence, after dividing by 20, Bike 1 shall cover approximately 24 miles on a full battery as compared to roughly 7 miles by Bike 2.

Remember that this capacity is purely of the motor. It means that Bike1 will cover 24 miles without any peddling. Hence if the rider peddles, the distance might even double. Nevertheless, range offered can never be concrete as it varies because of several factors including hunter’s weight, temperature (less range in cooler temperature), the load bearing and even terrain.

The different classes of electric bikes and their impact on your hunting plans

All the states have their own laws regarding E-bikes. On an average, the speed of 28 mph is allowed in America. However, you do not want your hunting plans to be ruined because of this, so before buying you must check out the law in your state without fail.


  • Pedal assist till 20m.p.h.
  • Universally accepted bikes
  • Best for small hunting plans on easy terrain.


  • Purely thumb throttle mode plus assisted peddling till 20m.p.h.
  • Common law for class 1 and 2 in most states
  • Better equipped for hills

CLASS 3 E-BIKES (Speed Pedelecs)

  • Purely pedal assist till 28m.p.h.
  • You should always check their compliance in your state before buying.
  • A heavy hunter who needs to carry a lot of weight should always prefer class3.

Points of comparison between top electric hunting bike brands

There is a serious competition in the fat tire electric bike market and this is good news for the hunters. Top brands compete amongst themselves to provide maximum features, but one must be cautious not to fall in the beautiful trap of false advertisement and always consider the following points before buying. Let us look at some top electric hunting bike brands:

*All the figures are from the official website of these products


One of the leading brands of this segment, Rambo is known to improvise according to customer feedbacks. Rambo’s Rampage Xtreme performance hunter package is its flagship.

Price: US$6,299.99


As the name goes, quietkat are famous for their incredible suspension. Many have compared their suspension with ATVs. Their Quantum full suspension E-bike has the smoothest suspension in the segment. Their RidgeRunner full suspension is highly recommended for hunters in hilly terrain.

Price: Quantum: US$6,099

       RidgeRunner: US$5,699


 Bakcou have done something unique by creating an electrical bike which looks exactly like a dirt bike. Meet the Bakcou Puma with its 5000Watt motor which is loved by all big game players. Bakcou also has a Storm hunting package which comes with 3 different cargo trailers and a toolkit to ensure you have an uninterrupted hunting experience.

Price: Puma: US$5,898

       Storm Hunting Package: US$5,398


If you are looking for something a lot more budget friendly that’s suitable for hunts in almost all terrains, the RadRower 5 is the one for you. It comes with a rear hub motor and is claimed to be suited for testing terrains.

Price: RadRower5: US$1,499

Accessories to enhance your off-road hunting bike experience

Adding Accessories to your off-road electric hunting bikes can make a huge difference. Top companies have not stopped at just manufacturing electric hunting bikes, but also have built accessories to upgrade your sport. Let us look at some of the best accessories you must get:


In case your manufacturer does not provide load bearings, there are many options available for you.

1. The Single wheel cargo trailer, by BackCountry

  • can carry an additional 150-200lbs with simple attachment and removal.
  • it can carry both equipment and game.
  • It is also foldable, thus when you are not using it, simply fold it and store in your garage.

2. The Fishing cart by Rambo

  • comes with 6 fishing rod holders
  • has 70lbs more holding capacity than single wheel.

3. The Folding Deer trailer by BackCountry E-bikes

  • With a carrying capacity of 200lbs
  • foldable
  • you can carry it right till your prize.


If you are worried about power draining off when on a crucial adventure, BackCountry e-bikes have the perfect solution. Foldable solar panels which can charge till 200W with almost the same speed as the regular household charger. The 9 portable solar panels are excellent for backup.


These screens can be attached to your handle. These will display essentials of your trip like battery health, speed, distance covered, GPS, weather conditions. So now you don’t need to keep checking your cell phone for crucial updates.


Getting caught in the dark when the game becomes unexpectedly longer can be dreadful without bike lights. LED lights are highly recommended as they are energy efficient and more powerful than ordinary ones. These are cheap and we highly recommend every hunter to install them.

It is now firmly established that fat tire electric bike hunting is a game changer. The increasing popularity and benefits of electric hunting bikes are because of their:

  • Onetime investment as you no longer need to pay for expensive fuel
  • Off road electric hunting bikes ensure that you no longer take those long walks to and from your hunting spot.
  • Ability to provide stealth.
  • Solving the issue of scent intrusion.
  • Can enter zones where ordinary vehicles are not allowed and in most national parks without any special permit.
  • Eco-friendly

The benefits of these electric off-road bikes are being appreciated by the entire hunter’s community and anyone who has used these will highly recommend you to do the same. Electric hunting bikes are leading the way towards an eco-friendly yet modern way of hunting, and in a true sense has evolved the way we hunt.

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