How do you store a bicycle in a small apartment? It can be frustrating to find a solution that works without compromising something else within your living space. Below we will explore some bike storage ideas and available solutions out there.

Best Bike Storage Solutions: How to Store a Bike in a Small Apartment or Home

QUICK SUMMARY: How do you store a bicycle in a small apartment? It can be frustrating to find a solution that works without compromising something else within your living space. Below we will explore some bike storage ideas and available solutions out there.

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Table of Contents

Solution 1: Wall Racks

Think about the surface area that is often unused space. Any room with a blank wall has bike storage potential. Just remember to research what material your wall is made of and how much weight it supports. 

Are you looking for something that mounts vertically or horizontally? Wall racks come in many styles, forms, sizes, and materials. Think about the aesthetics of the room and what would compliment it.

Advantages of choosing a wall rack:
  1. The bicycle doesn’t protrude far into the living space.
  2. Your bike can double as a piece of art.
Disadvantages of choosing a wall rack:
  1. Mounting creates holes in the wall.
  2. You might have to get permission from your landlord.

How do you choose the one for you? Here are a few questions to consider:

  1. Would your landlord be upset if you put new holes in the wall?
  2. How heavy is your bike?
  3. What is the wall made of?

Wall rack in review: Steadyrack Bicycle Wall Mount


The Steadyrack is made of steel and UV treated plastic. To use this rack, install it vertically. The arm faces the room and is designed to pivot almost 180 degrees. It supports tires up to 2.4” in width (this varies slightly, depending on the model) and bikes up to 77lb (35kg)

Where to buy Steadyrack Wall Mounted Bike Rack

Negative reviews:

Some customers have problems with the installation instructions and hardware. Many mention having a difficult time assembling the rack. Others discuss that smaller women and children have difficulty putting a bike on the rack or taking a bike back down without help.

Positive reviews:

The majority of reviews were positive. They highlight how well the rack does its job. The rack helps to declutter the space because it doesn’t leave the bike in the way. These reviews appreciate the overall design, how easy it is to use, and its ability to rotate.

View the full Steadyrack description and reviews here.

Solution 2: Ceiling Bike Storage

Like walls, ceilings are key to holding a room together. If you are considering a ceiling bike rack, remember to pay attention to the height of your ceiling. Living in a small apartment can feel cramped if your bicycle is hanging too far down into your living space.

Advantages of ceiling racks

  1. The rack isn’t somewhere you can trip over it.
  2. There is plenty of available ceiling space to use.

Disadvantages of ceiling racks

  1. It’s highly dependent on what your ceiling can support.
  2. These racks are not useful with low ceilings.

Ceiling rack in review: Cycle Glide


The Cycle Glide is a space-saving ceiling solution for those who have multiple bikes to store. It can hang up to four bikes. With its patented design and adjustable bike holders, each bike is accessible without having to remove other bikes.

Each bike can weigh up to 50lb, have wheelbases up to 56”, and tires up to 2.5” wide. Due to the size of the rack, this option is best for those with access to a garage or basement.

Where to buy Saris Glide Bike Storage
Negative reviews:

The most common complaint is about the quality of mounting hardware and track security. After a time-consuming installation, some users are frustrated by how difficult it is to secure bikes. 

Positive reviews:

Customers who like this solution appreciate its reliability and how easy it is to use. They appreciate both the form and function of this solution. It is an efficient space-saving storage option that looks good.

View the full Cycle Glide description and reviews here.

Solution 3: On The Floor

It’s said that the floor is the biggest shelf in the house. This option avoids creating holes, cutting out the need to gain permission from your landlord. Floor racks come in two main forms: leaning or free-standing. Where can you place your bike rack that won’t get in the way of your overall lifestyle? Answering this question can be similar to playing a game of Tetris.

Advantages of floor storage

  1. There is no need to ask permission from a landlord.
  2. Assembly does not create holes.

Disadvantages of floor storage

  1. The rack can be in the way.
  2. It can make the room seem cluttered.

Floor Storage: Delta Cycle Michelangelo


The Delta Cycle Michelangelo is designed for simplicity. It is leaned against the wall with rubber bumpers to protect surfaces. This rack has an adjustable arm intended to support bikes of all sizes.

It saves space and does not leave holes in the wall. The steel tube can support bikes weighing up to 80lb (35kg). Assembly is quick and easy.

Where to buy Delta Cycle Michelangelo Bike Storage
Negative reviews:

The description claims that two bikes can be held, but some users found that this product is not great for two mountain bikes. Others found it to be expensive for its quality. According to some of these reviews, the weight of the bike is not supported well and the product is not stable.

Positive reviews:

On the other side, reviewers claim this product is worth the price. These customers appreciate the simple assembly and believe that gear hooks are a  ‘thoughtful addition’. Many comments say that this rack is good for limited space, works for storing two bikes, and is sturdy. Beyond the functional aspects, several reviews highlight aesthetic properties.

View the full Delta Cycle description and reviews here.

Floor Storage: Bike Nook


The Bike Nook stand allows you to store a bicycle vertically. To use this product, make sure that the vertical arm is set to the size of your bike. Guide the rear wheel into the stand and lean the bike backward; you don’t have to support the bike’s entire weight.

This stand is intended for bikes with 18”-29” wheels up to 2.5” wide. It is made from powder-coated steel and plastic and doesn’t put extra pressure on the spokes of the bicycle.

Where to buy Bike Nook Space Saving Rack
Negative reviews:

Unhappy customers claim that this product is cheap and not sturdy. Some have more specific complaints saying that the rack is not suitable for bikes with a cargo platform on the rear wheel.

Positive reviews:

On the other hand, plenty of reviewers are pleased with the product. They are satisfied with how well it saves space and enjoy the simplicity of the design. Some highlight how easy it is to assemble, touting its lightweight and portable qualities.

View the full Bike Nook description and reviews here.

Solution 4: For Households with Multiple Bike Lovers

Storage gets trickier with a greater number of bikes. When you are living in a small space, how can you fit that extra bike?

Advantages of floor storage

  1. It’s one solution for multiple items.
  2. The design offers convenience.

Disadvantages of floor storage

  1. These racks take up more space than options meant for one bike.
  2. Many of the options seem to be challenging for children to get their bike without help.

Product review: Topeak Dual


The Topeak Dual holds up to four bikes, though only two bike mounts are included without adding pieces. Other optional features include third hooks and handlebar stabilizers. The base has a rubber foot to protect surfaces and the rack is made from 6061 T6 tubes. Each hook can hold up to 39.7lb (18kg) and each stand can hold 158.7lb (72kg).

Where to buy Topeak Dual bike stand
Negative reviews:

Some users found that the stand was not sturdy and potentially dangerous. If the stand falls over, it can cause damage. Others mention inconsistent material quality.

Positive reviews:

More reviews discuss the positive aspects of the Topeak Dual. These mention how intuitive it is to install the rack and how easy it is to use. Many also talk about space-saving and portability qualities while others appreciate the aesthetic side.

View the full Topeak Dual description and reviews here.

Solution 5: Outdoor and Miscellaneous Options

For those of you lucky enough to have access to an outdoor area such as a balcony, patio, or yard, there are some space-specific options. A note of caution, make sure you have private access to these places before storing your bike.

Miscellaneous storage products include:

  1. Wooden bike storage sheds
  2. Sturdy metal bike lockers
  3. Canopy sheds
  4. Waterproof bike covers
  5. Furniture doubling as a bike rack.
How do you choose the appropriate solution for you?

Choosing a bike rack is a highly personalized activity. The right decision depends on which qualities are most valuable to you.

There are several factors to consider. Ask yourself:

  1. What kind of space do you have?
  2. How many bikes are you trying to store? 
  3. Would your landlord approve of the solution?
  4. Is ease of assembly and weight of the rack important to you?
  5. Does the rack need to be portable?
  6. What safety measures are most important?
  7. How will the solution look in the space?

Good luck with finding the right storage solution for your small apartment! If you have questions about bicycles (storage, cleaning, types, etc.), please let us know and it will be a topic for another article.

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